9: Oil mill "De Ooievaar"

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Across the Zaan region, windmills made way for modern steam-powered factories. The fact that De Ooievaar – relocated from Assendelft – now sits elegantly alongside the Duyvis nut factory is pretty unique. It also brings this piece of industrial history full circle, as the successful company run by the local Duyvis family started out with an oil mill. In the Zaan region, there were once hundreds of this type of windmill. Two of them can still be found at Zaanse Schans: De Zoeker and De Bonte Hen. These mills were used to produce different types of vegetable oil, such as linseed oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil, etc. In 1936, the local oil mills finally came to a standstill. From that moment, engines replaced the old windmill system, starting with electric motors and later petroleum-powered ones. De Ooievaar could be recommissioned thanks to its restoration by Windmill Association Vereniging De Zaansche Molen.

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