7: Saw mill "Het Klaverblad"

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Saw Mill 'Het Klaverblad', cloverleaf’. In order to make his grand design dream a reality, miller Ru Pos bought a plot of land in 1973. It was located in the area outside the dyke, on Kalverringdijk at Zaanse Schans. A barn and accompanying building were constructed first. Pos then single-handedly built a small sawmill between 2000 and 2005. This hollow post windmill is a blast from the past: they used to be very common in the Zaan region. They are small and always placed on top of a barn or shed. Owners made additional earnings by sawing, in this case planks. This was familiar territory for Pos since he had previously operated the sawmill De Gekroonde Poelenburg, also situated at Zaanse Schans, in his spare time.\nThe name, the Dutch word for ‘cloverleaf’, and the logo of a four-leaf clover are references to Pos’s daughters. One of them, Saskia, is a carpenter and for her Het Klaverblad makes the ideal workplace.

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