5: Saw mill "Het Jonge Schaap"

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Het Jonge Schaap is a hexagonal sawmill with a rotating cap. Its shape was unique among the 350 sawmills that were spread across the Zaan region in its day. It was built in 1680 in the Westzijderveld area in Zaandam where it was active until its demolition in 1942. In 2007, its reconstruction, for which the original 17th-century methods were used as much as possible, was completed at the new location at Zaanse Schans. Het Jonge Schaap is now once again in use as a sawmill. As it depends on the sale of wood, it is used whenever the wind blows. Visitors can not only find out what goes on inside a sawmill, but can also view a video of its reconstruction. The millers will also be happy to talk about working in Het Jonge Schaap. This mill is accessible for the disabled.

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