10: Flour mill "Bleeke Dood"

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This is the oldest existing smock mill with gallery in the Netherlands. For centuries, this mill used to grind flour for local bakers. Enjoy a taste of the past in the traditional old shop, which sells flour and bread mixes every Friday. Make sure that you take a good look at the beautiful annexe building on the riverside.

Until around the middle of the 19th century, De Bleeke Dood was the village windmill in Zaandijk. Local bakers were obliged by law to have their wheat ground into flour here. When the law lapsed, the mill fell into disrepair. It was saved from destruction by a thorough restoration in 1954. Figuratively speaking, between 1656 and 1904 life in Zaandijk took place somewhere ‘between life and death’ – between water mill Het Leven (Life) in the north and De Bleeke Dood (Pale Death) in the south.

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